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EMPOWERMENT TOUR - Unbottle Your Genie: Design Your Brand with S. Renee

- Do you want to write a book, build a business, land a promotion or become an industry influencer?

- Would you like to know the power of your current brand and measure its impact and influence?

If you dare, spend a day with Nationally Recognized Self-Esteem and Branding Expert S. Renee and others, like you, who want to build a brand that works for them. 

I have not had a promotion in 6 years. Since attending Unbottle Your Genie workshops, I have gleaned skills, knowledge and wisdom that literally changed my life! I interviewed for two positions and with S. Renee's intuitive coaching, I got offers from both organizations. 

- Monique Eppes, New Assistant Director, Child Development Center 


If you want to discover how people currently perceive you and redesign and communicate your brand so that you produce the results you dream of and hunger to accomplish. You'll be given easy-to-implement tips, tools and techniques--the strategies required to intentionally get what you want. In the end, you'll know your #1 goal and have some action steps to get there. 

You'll learn how to:

- create a mindset for success
- discover what you have that others want
- create a buzz about you
- get people to take notice of you
- package, position and promote yourself 

I needed to raise $15,000 for my invention. After attending Unbottle Your Genie, I raised $30,000 in 7 days. S. Renee opened my mind to what was possible and helped to remove the barriers I thought I had. S. Renee is the #1 Coach. 

- Carnell James, Real Estate Agent, Entrepreneur 


Throughout the day you'll experience mind-shifting presentations and participate in interactive exercises. 

Part I – Creating a Mindset for Success

Your beliefs are pivotal to your success. You say you believe, but do you really? When your faith wavers, it's called uncertainty. You'll learn where uncertainty comes from and how to dissolve it? You'll get clear on where you want to go and take inventory of what you have and what you need that will help you get there. 

Section II – Building a Brand for Success 

It's not enough for people to know you. They have to know, like and trust you. Success is not accidental; it’s intentional. I will take you into depth and detail of brand development. You'll get clear on current perceptions of you and identify ways to transform and transcend areas of your brand that are blocking your success. You'll learn how to announce who you are, declare what you do and, without hesitation, proclaim your value. You'll discover how to better package, position and promote yourself for greater income and influence.

Section III – Performing on Purpose for Lifelong Success

You have to know how to leverage your brand, create partnerships and grow your marketplace position. Becoming the go-to person, the expert in your industry isn't easy, but I'll arm you with the right information that will help you to leap forward. 

I left my full-time consulting position to launch my own consulting firm. Unbottle Your Genie (UBYG) has placed me in position to know that there is so much more inside of me that I can give the world. UBYG is a "revolutionary" workshop that releases the dreams of silent souls and spirits. It was always within me, I just needed the top to be unbottled for God's gifts in me to soar. 

- Ursala Garnett, Project Management Office Governance Lead, Independent Consultant

Registrations includes:

- Vital Information for Your Success
- Workshop Material 
- Continental Breakfast
- An opportunity to win a one-on-one coaching session with S. Renee Smith A $500 Value

Note: Lunch on your own. 

This was an experience I definitely didn't expect. The connection with people, the advice she gave, the 30-day challenge was excellent. Since UBYG, I have made an advertisement video for my business and now I'm conducting paid trainings for teachers in the school system.

- LaVante' Dorsey, Licensed Social Worker

BUY NOW, the price increases to $149 on September 30. 


Are you looking for:

- a place where you can go to network with like-minded people and learn to grow your life and business
- if you've experienced some success, but realize you failing to effectively communicate your full value
- you know you bring something to the table, but no one else seems to agree with you and you feel stuck, underpaid and devalued 

It's time to:

- get noticed
- create buzz about who you are and what you do
- get paid for the value you to bring to people's lives

Keep reading if you define success as:

  • having a healthy relationship with yourself and others
  • becoming the go-to person in your industry or organization
  • getting a call from the media to comment on a issue you have the answer to
  • building and having access to an influential network
  • being on the top of peoples minds who can open the door of opportunity for you
  • creating financial success
  • feeling confident in who you are
  • expressing your highest truth

Living from a space of spiritual peace and understanding and achieving personal and business success requires a very specific mindset and intentional strategy. This doesn't mean that you have to be an inauthentic or unethical. It's just the opposite.

Living your values and expressing your core message while delivering value to a specific market is what you'll learn from your host and coach S. Renee Smith.

S. Renee Smith is a nationally recognized self-esteem and branding expert, coach, and speaker. A go-to resource for media and hired to co-author one of the world's best selling reference brands books, Self-Esteem for Dummies, she has worked with hundreds of organizations, small businesses and professionals across nine industries.

- According to PR Guru Steve Harrison whose revenues reached $5 million in 2015, "One of the people that I've hired to help my clients is S Renée Smith. S. Renee really understands the psychological, the marketing parts--even the spiritual aspects of creating buzz."

- Award-winning journalist Art Fennell says, "As a journalist, my job is to identify, screen, and interview people who are likable, marketable and credible. S Renée has all three down to a science. "

Like every well-respected professional, S. Renee's life did not start out that way. After being teased and bullied until age 13, she took control of her life. In 2 years her peers elected her queen of the school, most popular, best personality and friendliest.

But the challenges didn't stop there. She was fired from a job and four months later her fiancé walked out of her life. Still struggling to find her voice, confidence and power, that’s where There Is More Inside™ was born.

Still on the journey to figuring out how to build success and feel successful, after learning many lessons from suffering the loss of several businesses, she was forced to go back to corporate America. Within six months, she decided to create a branding message that spoke from her heart and effectively communicated what she could do for others--help them discover the treasures that were locked within them while creating and branding a business or professional career that would increase their influence and income.

- Lisa Nichols, New York Times best-selling author and teacher in The Secret says, "There Is More Inside explores the path to not only a good life, but to living a power pack life. S Renee's insights and lessons are the root to experiencing God's love through our own self-love. "

- Jack Canfield, co-originator of Chicken Soup for the Soul series and Guinness World Record Holder says, "Everyone has the capacity to be that unique thing that they are. S Renee knows how to help people unbottle their own genie inside."

Join S. Renee if you want to know how to...

  • create a mindset for success
  • live a more purposeful existence
  • overcome moments of uncertainty and stand in your power regardless of who is in the room
  • understand the components to brand building
  • identify and communicate your mission
  • craft your brand message
  • understand how to package, position and promote yourself in the marketplace for greater income and influence
  • learn S. Renee’s spiritual weapons to success
  • how to get people to want to know you

Saturday, November 5 from 8:30 p.m. until 5 p.m. for a full day workshop.

Unbottle Your Genie (Genuine-Expressive -Natural-Internal-Essence) Design Your Brand with S. Renee Smith

S. Renee helped me to discover what was really hidden inside of me. Now I'm coaching others. After my first coaching session within 30 days, I landed my first two coaching clients at $1999 each.

- Dorrine Jones, speaker, author, image consulting, coach

S Renee's perspective and feedback is nontraditional. She coached me to transition from a "product to a package." The conversation was a learning experience in and of itself. The "language" and her perspective (read) on the position I was applying for was right on. She help me to strengthen my outcomes. i'm a finalist for an associate vice president position.

-  Dr. Janice Borlandoe, Associate Vice President

I can tell you that by far S Renee is the best consultant/facilitator I have worked with. 

- Lisa Dunn, Cigna

If you crave to be seen, heard and valued for who you are and what you do—don’t miss it.

Seating limited!

Registrations includes:

  • Vital Information for Your Success
  • Workshop Material 
  • Continental Breakfast
  • An opportunity to win a one-on-one coaching session with S. Renee Smith A $500 Value

NOTE: Lunch on your own.




See you there!

Saturday, November 5

Renaissance Philadelphia
Airport Hotel

500 Stevens Drive
Philadelphia Pa. 19113

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