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Personal Branding & Executive Presence Online Course

You are a powerful leader, and you know it. Whether you’re a leader of a team or an independent contributor, now more than ever you need to be a trusted advisor, coach, mentor, sponsor, and deliverer of business results.

Whether you are on the frontline, in the C-suite, or somewhere in the middle of an organizational structure, or perhaps you own a business, you must become a respected resource in the new complex work and marketplace. But how can you unless you create a positive perception of the value you bring to customers, colleagues, to cross functional teams, and to executive leadership.

What You’ll Learn

  1. Overcome doubt, present yourself with confidence, and leverage your brand story to influence outcomes
  2. Command respect, captivate an audience, and showcase your competence through persuasive communication
  3. Leverage your value to cultivate relationships, build your network, and create strategic partnerships for maximum impact
  4. Understand what’s at the core of executive presence and how to use it to inspire, empower, and impact outcomes.

Program Modules

S. Renee takes you step-by-step through a proven process to transform your brand and elevate your career! As you apply her mental model and framework for personal brand development, you, like hundreds of leaders, will be better heard and valued, and you’ll create your playbook according to what you desire to achieve.

Section I: Create a Mindset for Success
  1. Module 1: Understand Mindset
  2. Module 2: Overcome Moments of Uncertainty
  3. Module 3: Create a Mindset for Success

Section II: Build a Brand for Success
  1. Module 4: Understand the Power and Impact of Branding
  2. Module 5: Craft Your Brand and Communicate Your Brand Message
  3. Module 6: Package, Position and Promote Your Brand and Executive Presence

Section III: Perform on Purpose for Lifelong Success
  1. Module 7: Leverage Your Brand for Greater Success
  2. Module 8: Sustain Your Marketplace Position


“I am now a paid speaker, have conducted several empowerment workshops, and become a licensed therapist and the owner of my own therapeutic and coaching businesses.”

LaVante' Dorsey
LaVante’ N. Dorsey & Associates, LLC

“S. Renee is an amazing coach. After I went through a few coaching sessions with S. Renee, people started to take me seriously as a speaker and expert in my field. Thanks to S. Renee, I went from giving free speaking gigs to paid engagements—and I signed my first contract with Atria Healthcare.”

Tami Gilbert

“S. Renee is transformational! Within the first two months of the mentorship program, I signed my first two coaching clients at $1,999 each. That was a breakthrough for me, and within several months she helped me prepare for my first speaking engagement at university where I was paid several thousand dollars--that too was my first. She laid the groundwork for the work I do today.”

Dorrine Jones
CEO and Founder
School of the Woman

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