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There Is More Inside

There Is More Inside is a proven self and business development process that shatters old beliefs and mental constructs—closing the gaps in the minds of audiences regarding how they see themselves, their careers, and their abilities to achieve success.

S. Renee’s consistent and immediate outcomes are remarkable—businesses boost their revenue by as much as 900% and employees score promotions, capture awards and their income increase up to 113%.

Whether you need to strengthen your business infrastructure, develop and expand your brand, increase productivity or develop internal and external customer relations--There Is More Inside transforms people, businesses and workplaces--period.

Are you a small business owner?
  • Eliminate feelings of overwhelm and uncertainty by accurately pinpointing where you are, devise a strategic business and brand development plan for your next steps and get the support you need to take them.
  • Effectively capture and persuasively communicate your vision, mission and message and create a brand package you can position and promote for greater results.
  • Entrust your dream to a credible partner to guide your business growth who has a substantial stake in your success.
Are you an organization?
  • Inspire your employees and teams to reach goals by increasing confidence in themselves and each other while improving morale and building collaborative synergetic relationships.
  • Protect, preserve and expand the brand of your organization with employee brand development and communication strategies to elevate internal and external customer relations.
  • Energize your sales teams with brand and communication tips, tools and techniques that improve their presence, other people's perceptions of them while increasing customer purchases and loyalty.

There Is More Inside customize development programs are your proven blueprint to success.

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“S. Renee is Awesome! Our office is more organized, productive and efficient. We are achieving goals, increasing our confidence in each other, and our internal infrastructure is stronger. Within one week, we could see significant changes in attitudes and relationships. Instead of finding fault, we communicate and focus on finding solutions.”

- H. Scott Connell, Resident Director Merrill Lynch

“S. Renee ‘sees the invisible in people’. When I met S. Renee, I felt an instant connection. I was working as a program assistant for a military child development center. Within 4 months of meeting S. Renee, I landed two interviews and received both offers! I chose a position as an assistant director for a child development center and after 15 months, I was promoted to center director. My income has increased by 113% and I received the 2017 Civilian Employee of the Year Award.”

- Monique Eppes, Director, Child Development Center

“When I came to S. Renee, I did not know which direction to go. She helped me integrate my military and leadership background into my health coaching business. She added depth to my message so that I could truly help those needing to hear my message. She helped me to increase my earnings from speaking by 900%! However, even more importantly, S. Renee is an incredibly gifted, intuitive, spiritual coach whom I have total trust and confidence. She is brilliant and leads from the heart!”

- Deanna Won, Leadership Consultant & Health Coach

“S. Renee is an amazing coach. After a few coaching sessions with S. Renee, people started to take me seriously as a speaker and expert in my field. Thanks to S. Renee, I went from giving free speaking gigs to paid engagements—and I signed my first contract with Atria Healthcare.”

- Tami Gilbert, RN, MSN, CPHQ, and MBA

“I can tell you that by far S. Renee is the best consultant/facilitator I have worked with, readily and eagerly wanting to apply her content to Cigna's message! It really felt like she was a part of the Cigna family. This will bring huge value to those who want to apply her lessons!”

- Lisa Dunn, Client Business Services, Cigna

“S. Renee is transformational! Within my first two months of the mentorship program, I signed my first two coaching clients at $1,999 each. That was a breakthrough for me and within several months she helped me prepare for my first speaking engagement at university where I was paid several thousand dollars--that too was my first. She laid the groundwork for the work I do today.”

- Dorrine Jones, CEO and Founder, School of the Woman

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