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Workplace Talent Development

Are you seeking to build a pipeline of diverse Talent? Do you need workers who are open to expanding their capacity to become effective communicators, compassionate co-workers and successful team leaders? Do you want to create a healthy workplace culture that will help meet your department objectives and succession planning goals?

Healthy workplace cultures are a direct reflection of the mental, emotional and physical resiliency and well being of its members. These cultures are fostered by great leaders who are critical decision-makers, effective communicators and creative contributors who know how to connect with and engage their team.

When leaders intentionally establish a high value proposition for the organization, they build a brand and executive presence that increase their self-esteem while strengthening the organization’s workforce, success and longevity.


“S. Renee ‘sees the invisible in people’. When I met S. Renee, I felt an instant connection. I was working as a program assistant for a military child development center. Within 4 months of meeting S. Renee, I landed two interviews and received both offers! I chose a position as an assistant director for a child development center and after 15 months, I was promoted to center director. My income has increased by 113% and I received the 2017 Civilian Employee of the Year Award.”

- Monique Eppes, Director, Child Development Center

“S. Renee is Awesome! Our office is more organized, productive and efficient. We are achieving goals, increasing our confidence in each other, and our internal infrastructure is stronger. Within one week, we could see significant changes in attitudes and relationships. Instead of finding fault, we communicate and focus on finding solutions.”

- H. Scott Connell, Resident Director Merrill Lynch

“I can tell you that by far S. Renee is the best consultant/facilitator I have worked with, readily and eagerly wanting to apply her content to Cigna's message! It really felt like she was a part of the Cigna family. This will bring huge value to those who want to apply her lessons!”

- Lisa Dunn, Client Business Services, Cigna

“S. Renee’s perspective and feedback is non-traditional. She coached me to transition from a “product to a package.” The conversation was a learning experience in and of itself. The “language” and her perspective (read) on the position I was applying for was right on. She helped me to strengthen my outcomes. I’m a finalist for an Associate Vice President Position.”

- Dr. Janice Borlandoe, Associate Vice President

“I had the opportunity to meet and hear S. Renee Smith speak at a personal branding workshop at the National Black MBA Association Mideast Regional Conference. Her presentation skills and knowledge of her subject matter are nothing short of awesome. She is very insightful and has an extraordinary gift for connecting and engaging her audience by asking probing questions that allow participants to take ownership of their ideas.
I highly recommend S. Renee Smith. ”

- Alton Tinker , Past President, National Black MBA Association Cleveland Chapter

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