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Workshop Presenter

Do you want to hear from a seasoned professional who has the ability and proven track record to shift mindsets, improve attitudes and relationships, increase individual confidence and support your organization’s branding goals? Do you want to give your audience the strategies and techniques that yield results? Are you looking for a way to communicate to your audience the importance of professional dress, appropriate behavior and effective communication?

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Conferences Organizers

S. Renee’s There Is More Inside sessions are highly interactive and are designed to shift, inspire and engage participants in building their capacity for critical self and professional growth. By creating a safe space for reflective thinking, purposeful exercises, and meaningful discussions, participants explore and reclaim their passion for the work they do, recognize the value of the relationships they have and deepen their connection with the organization they work for.

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“I had the opportunity to meet and hear S. Renee Smith speak at a personal branding workshop at the National Black MBA Association Mideast Regional Conference. Her presentation skills and knowledge of her subject matter are nothing short of awesome. She is very insightful and has an extraordinary gift for connecting and engaging her audience by asking probing questions that allow participants to take ownership of their ideas.
I highly recommend S. Renee Smith. ”

- Alton Tinker , Past President, National Black MBA Association Cleveland Chapter


S. Renee’s There Is More Inside customize workshops support your goals to create a workplace environment where employees maximize their talents, skills and abilities, build synergistic relationships and protect and manage the organization’s brand.

There Is More Inside workshops are so successful because we gain a clear understanding of your organization’s challenges and develop customize programs that tackle difficulties at their core–making lasting changes.

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“S. Renee is Awesome! Our office is more organized, productive and efficient. We are achieving goals, increasing our confidence in each other, and our internal infrastructure is stronger. Within one week, we could see significant changes in attitudes and relationships. Instead of finding fault, we communicate and focus on finding solutions. ”

- H. Scott Connell, Resident Director Merrill Lynch

Colleges & Universities

Are you looking for someone who understands the impact that inconsistent professional behavior has on the culture and brand of a university? Does passion for excellence and service need to be reignited across campus? Is student success your priority and you need a professional who understands it? S. Renee is a former director of public relations at an academic institution, working in the cabinet of the president. She knows the importance of student retention and preserving the image of the university.

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“S. Renee's presentation was dynamic, energetic, informative, and enlightening. It was just what our new students needed to hear to help them realize that they have control over their lives, they have power over their decisions, and that if there is a desire to change the resources are there, all they have to do is pull from inside. I highly recommend S. Renee. She's great. Your students will love her. We all love her. We are waiting on her to come back to our campus for round two. ”

- Alabama State University, Former Director of Counseling and Coordinator for New Student Services & Programs, Jessyca McCall Darrington

Spiritual Organizations

S. Renee’s There Is More Inside messages simplify scriptures and makes spiritual principles applicable to every day living. There Is More Inside teaches coping skills and shows audiences how to avoid the drama, stay out of the mess, and better manage conflict in their lives.

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“S. Renee is a personable, expert and inventive motivational speaker. I have hired her to speak at my church as well as my women's retreat. She has a keen concept of how to integrate your desired outcome in a detailed and creative way. She keeps her audience engaged and wanting more.”

- Co-Pastor Nadine S. Henry, Agape Temple International Ministries, Inc.

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